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What is nibox?

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NIBOX is a multi-platform payment solution that provides access to financial transactions off-line via NIBOX Payment Kiosk™ (self-service kiosk) and online via our mobile platforms. NIBOX Payment Kiosk™ aims to become the fastest and most convenient method of cash payment for broad-based specified goods and services for both the public and private sector.

NIBOX reigns with a unique selling point that sets it aside from other services, providing financial payment solutions for both the banked and the unbanked population. Our major goal is to offer the most convenient payment solutions to active mobile customers and offer financial inclusion to those who are exempt from banking services.

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Choose a service

NIBOX offers cash and digital payments across various services ranging from government to recreational institutions. Type the service name in a search box to get the information you need.

Pay bills sharp sharp!

We aim to give you the most reliable payment solution, available every time and everywhere you are. Start saving time and money with NIBOX.

Create a NIBOX account

Create your NIBOX account in less then 5 minutes using phone number and email address. The account will allow you to manage and track your payments on the go.


Check my payment

Want to make sure the payment is successful? You can check your payment by entering the transaction (id) code below. The code can be located either on your mobile alert or receipt from the terminal.

Did the terminal issue a receipt?

Your payment will be credited even if the terminal did not issue a receipt. Make sure everything is in order by ordering a callback or initiating the online chat. Be ready to name the place, date, payment details, so that we can help you.


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Use your phone number and password to log in to the account.